Ankle boots

A good pair of ankle boots can go well with jeans, knitted dresses or skirts, and they can be worn on all sorts of occasions. Thanks to their versatile and comfortable design, ankle boots are a perfect everyday staple that transcends into each season.


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Women’s ankle boots

A good pair of leather ankle boots can go well with jeans, knitted dresses, or skirts, and they can be worn on all sorts of occasions. Regardless of your aesthetic, we are sure that statements boots as high shaft chelseas or chunky knee-high boots will earn you lots of compliments. Find your footing with our versatile selection of shoes for women, packed with a range of trendy and timeless styles as combat boots, knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, and high heel ankle boots.

Women's ankle boots are a twenty-four-hour staple. Bridging the gap between every season, they make a superb addition to every closet. We love the relaxed vibe of chunky leather boots, great for pairing with oversized sweatshirts and midi skirts. All of the booties are fitted with a rubber sole which is suitable for a nordic winter. Ultra chunky silhouette is a footwear trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Sustainable footwear

VAMSKO shoes combine fashion with sustainability and traditional craftsmanship. The mission is to create well-made and beautiful shoes that customers will wear and love for a long time. VAMSKO collection consists widely of handmade leather shoes. All VAMSKO shoes are made with chrome-free tanned leather, meaning it is breathable, skin-friendly, moisture-absorbent, and free of harmful substances. Shoes are manufactured in smaller family-owned factories, mainly in Italy, Portugal, or Spain. Shoes are made locally - from the outsole to the finishing details.

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