All payments are handled via Klarna Checkout, which is offered in collaboration with Klarna AB. You can choose to pay your order by card, by invoice, by installment payment or through your online bank. All these different payment methods are provided by Klarna Checkout, which makes your shopping experience smooth and convenient. Please notice that the available payment methods may change depending on the country you are shopping from. For full terms of payment, please read our terms and conditions under the title Payment.


If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact Klarna.

You can view your payment by logging in to your customer account at or by using the Klarna app. There you are able to simply pause your payment by opening the payment and clicking ”Report return”. Your invoice will be paused without any additional costs until we have handled your return. You can also extend the due date of your invoice by logging in to your Klarna account.

Klarna offers a 24/7 chat service which can be reached by logging in to your Klarna account at Klarna’s homepage or using the Klarna app.

The contact information for the customer service telephone numbers can be found for each country separately. Please scroll down on Klarna’s homepage and choose the country you are shopping from.