VAMSKO is a footwear fashion house, and we function online and in a physical concept store. The company is originally founded in Finland in 1986, and VAMSKO was launched in 2012. An additional 28 European countries are served by e-commerce sales. 

    The company’s head office is in Nokia, Finland which is also the location of our central functions, including design and warehousing. Our concept store is located in Tampere, Finland right in the middle of the town center.

    After years of experience and millions of sold pairs, we want to be a part of a better and more sustainable future for all. Together with other organizations, we want to make the fashion industry more sustainable. We want to increase the transparency of production and we aim to create longterm relationships with our subcontractors.

  • Our fall and winter 2020 collection will consist of 85% of products manufactured in European family-owned factories. Products are delivered from the factories directly to our warehouse, as a result of which we minimize extra middlemen during transportation and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

    Our autumn collection consists widely of handmade leather shoes. The leather used in our products is created as a by-product of other animal products. We will only use synthetic faux fur in our products. We use exclusively certified mulesing-free wool. VAMSKO has a list of chemicals that are limited or prohibited in the production of our products. The list is included in the Suppliers Guide Convention, which is signed by all subcontractors before production can begin.

  • Our collection also includes products from Turkey and China. All of our subcontractors are BSCI certified manufacturers who meet the Business Social Compliance Initiative guidelines. In addition, all of our subcontractors sign a contract based on VAMSKO's BSCI Code of Conduct, which covers our demands with regard to wages, working hours, health and safety, which our suppliers must adhere to. VAMSKO does not accept child labour.

    Because we do not own factories where our products are manufactured, close cooperation with our subcontractors is a prerequisite for our products to meet our design and quality requirements.

  • We have set a number of important targets that we aim to achieve by 2025. In the near future, we want to focus on concentrating production in Europe, increasing recyclable packaging material and transparency.

    By 2025, we will only provide:

    • 100% our collection is made in Europe
      Our autumn 2020 collection consists of 85% of products manufactured in European family-owned factories. Most of these products are made by hand. However, our aim is for all our products to come from Europe in the future.

    • Recyclable packaging materials
      We want all of our packaging materials to be made from recyclable material and the use of plastic as a packaging material is eliminated. We will work to achieve this goal in 2021.

    • Transparency of production
      We strive to increase transparency in our operations not only by establishing long-term relationships with our subcontractors but also by sharing the backgrounds of our products.


    By looking after your shoes, you can spare the environment from any unnecessary impact. Try to take care of your shoes carefully during use, and wear the shoes in weather conditions suitable for the material. Always follow the care instructions for the material to keep the life of the product as long as possible. Finally, you make a big difference if you allow the shoes to dry and rest after use.

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